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Eliminating Phone Lines

Security and Fire Alarm systems require traditional phone lines to send alarms to the central station. When you change from a traditional phone line to an internet phone service, your alarm may not work. SSD Systems offers a variety of wireless and internet communicators that allow your system to reach our central station without phone lines.

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The SSD System CaptureCam is a wireless video alarm solution ideal for protecting commercial yards, rooftops and vacant properties. When the CaptureCam activates, a video clip is sent to our central station so we can see the cause of the alarm. If the alarm is valid, we see the cause and dispatch the police as a crime in progress. If the cause was due to the environment or an animal, we log the incident and avoid any false alarms. Best of all, the system is wireless and requires no power or phone lines so installation is fast and easy.

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Push Notifications

Would you to be alerted when your security system is used? For example, when a child comes home and turns off the alarm, or a housekeeper or contractor users their code to arm your system. SSD Systems can add this feature to your monitoring service without changing any equipment.

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